Meet the Creator

Hi there!
As the name gives away, my name is Choni!

I'm a wife to my Tradie Hubby of ten years, Mum to three handsome, loud and busy little men (8, 7 & 4).  I always hoped that I would get to be a Mother and thankfully I was blessed three times over.

We currently live in Emerald Qld, relocated here from Brisbane in 2019 for my Hubby's job opportunities. 
I’ve been at home with our boys since 2015 when our second was born.

I’ve always been creative, always having a lot of projects on the go.
I was born into a family of creatives and have played with a lot of different media over the years.
I think that's why my cup is so full with this business - I'm not confined to just one type of creating! 
However, Resin work quickly became my passion when I started playing around in 2020.
I love locking myself in my studio, popping my headphones in and just losing a few hours to the process!

I am absolutely honoured too that I get to create portraits and other custom work for people.  I know the power of a great gift and I put my everything in to whatever I create. If you're still here reading along, thank you!

Thank you for taking a minute to check out my work, I really do love my job so much!